Sunday brunch

Enjoy the delicious brunch every Sunday from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.

bread and bread rolls
baguette, small croissants
sweets and cakes

Jam, honey and other sandwich spreads
sausage, ham, salami
variety of hard cheese and soft cheese
variety of yogurts and fresh fruit salads
fresh tomatoes and cucumbers
scrambled eggs, champignons, bacon, small bratwurst sausages
boiled eggs, fried eggs
tomatoes au gratin
Smoked fish

3 salads chosen by the kitchen team
day soup
2 main courses: seasonal dishes chosen by the kitchen team
dessert chosen by the kitchen team

coffee (coffee creme, cappuccino, espresso), tea, chocolate, fruit juice
tomato juice, water, milk, buttermilk

€ 30,50 p.p. / kids aged 4-11 pay half the price

Adventsbrunch € 39,00