Van der Valk Hotel Melle - Osnabrück



New courses and ambitious fairways are always a great experience and a golf challenge. The small ball game also has many fans in the golf region of Osnabrück.

Practise your putts or improve your swing – whether on a historical location close to the Varus battle diggings or close to the city.

Golf Club Teutoburg Forest (Distance: 18 km)

The Golf Club offers 30 holes which are divided in the Red Course (18 holes), green course (9 holes), and 3 practice courses as well as a driving range and pitching green.

Golf Club Gut Arenshorst (Distance: 25 km)

The 18 holes of the Golf Club Gut Arenshorst are around the historic manor house from the 12th Century. The plant is a beautiful parkland course, surrounded by oak and poplar avenues to support the outstanding course design as a backdrop.

Golfclub Varus (Distance: 33 km)

Here you will find an 18-hole golf course, a public 3-hole short course (easygo.If) and a driving range.

Golf Club Habichtswald (Distance: 33 km)

The golf club has a well maintained, varied and challenging 18-hole course.

Golfclub Osnabrück Dütetal (Distance: 34 km)

A magnificent 18-hole championship course with an extensive practice area, par-3 short course and pitch and chip area offer bothbeginners as well as pro golfers the appropriate athletic challenge.

Artland Golf Club (distance: 44 km)

Flat paths in the great outdoors, surrounded by mature trees. A beautiful farm serves as a clubhouse with good cuisine.