Restaurant and Bar

Small Dishes

Two Dutch Meat Croquettes with Bread and Mustard, garnished with a small Salad

€ 6,00

Strammer Max - Sliced Bread with raw Ham and two fried Eggs

€ 6,50

Omelette with Ham, Cheese and Mushrooms, served with a small Salad and Bread

€ 6,50

Baguette du Patron - Gratinated Baguette with raw Ham, Brie, Rocket Salad, Pine Nuts and Honey

€ 7,50

Sliced Mushrooms fried with Leek and Ham in a Potato Basket, served with Toast

€ 8,50

Club Sandwich with grilled Chicken Breast, Egg, Lettuce, Bacon, Tomato and Cucumber, garnished with a small Salad and French Fries

€ 12,00