Van der Valk Hotel Melle - Osnabrück

Meetings and events

Our buffets and menues

Our kitchen team will spoil you with fresh products and regional and international cuisine.

Sunday Brunch

Different kinds of bread and bread roll, french bread, small fresh croissants
Sweet pastries and cake
Butter, (diet) margarine

Jams, honey and other sweet bread spreads
Sausage, ham, salami, meants meat
Different cut and spreadable cheese
Various yoghurts, fresh fruit salad
Muesli and cornflakes
Fresh tomatoes and cucumber

Scrambled eggs, champignon, bacon, small roast small sausages, cooked eggs, fried eggs, gratinated tomatoes

Smoked fish
3 salads at chefs discretion
Soup of the day
Seasonal warm dish at chefs discretion
Waffles with fresh fruit

Coffee (cream, cappuccino, espresso), tea, chocolate, fruit juices, tomato juice, mineral water, milk, buttermilk


€ 20,00


Various fresh salads

 with boiled eggs, bacon, ham, olives,

 toasted bread and two different dressings
Fresh Baguette

Main Dishes
Chargrilled steak hip, turkey breast, pork loin, pork, pork belly, sausage, butter fish,

shrimp skewers, fire-dog
Different hot sauces, dips and herb butter
Baked potatoes and wedges
Corn and various vegetables

Cut fruit
Ice on the choice of the kitchen


€ 25,50

Rustic Buffet


Lower saxon sauerkrautsoup 

Bread and butter


Varios fresh salads with boiled eggs, bacon, ham, olives, roasted bread and two different dressings

Cheese- and sausage salad

Cold Starters

Smoked meat specialies from the region with pickled vegetables in vinegar

Jellied loaf

Main Courses

Sliced chicken

Schnitzel with mushroom cream sauce

Peas and carrots

Potato gratin und Spätzle



Selmonia pudding with raspberries


€ 23,50

Traditional Buffet


potatoe soup with bacon bits and toasted bread

Bread and butter


Various fresh salads with boiled eggs, bacon, ham, olives, toasted bread and two different dressings

potato salad with crunchy bacon

cucumber salad with cream sauce

Cold starters

Slices of pork loin with capers mustard sauce

Smoked trout filet and salmon with cranberry cream and cream horse radish

Main Courses

Crispy roasted pork with beer sauce

pangasiusfilet wuth mustard sauce

creamy savoy cabbage

rice and mashed potatos


Vanilla creme with cherries

Mousse au Chocolate


€ 25,50

Van der Valk Buffet


Creamy soup of sweet potatoes with purple potato chips 

Bread and butter


Various fresh salads with boiled eggs, bacon, ham, olives, toasted bread and two different dressings

rocket- iceberg salad with balsamic vinaigrette, caramelised peach slices, bacon and parmesan

Cold Starters

rose fried roastbeef remoulade

vitello tonnato- roast veal slices with tuna sauce

Home marinaded graved salmon with dill mustard sauce

Main Courses

Corn poulard filled with apricots and bacon

Tilapia filet with lemon grass coconut sauce

Wok vegetables and almond broccoli

Glass noodles and potatoes tossed in butter


sliced fruits

Creme Brùlée

Brownie with vanilla sauce


€ 29,00

Festive Buffet


beef broth with vegetables, bone marrow dumplings and egg

Bread and butter


various fresh salads with boiled eggs, bacon, ham, olives, toasted bread and two different dressings

tomatoes and mozzarella bead in pesto

Apple fennel salad with marinaded shrimps


Melon with westphalian ham

Whole poched salmon with lime dip and keta raw

Slices of venison with Cumberland and cherry pepper sauce

Main Courses

Pork fillet wraped with herbs and bacon and Pommery-mustard-sauce 

Variation of fish with salmon, wels catfish and pikeperch with herbal butter

Cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, beans and kohlrabi

Thyme potatoes and spaetzle


Chocolate fountain with fruits and pastries


€ 32,50

Mediterranean Buffet


Minestrone with parmesan cracknel 
Bread and butter


Various fresh salads with boiled eggs, bacon, ham, olives, toasted bread and two different dressings


Melon with parma ham

Grilled and marinated peppers, zucchini, eggplant and mushrooms 

Toasted bread slices with tomato, mozzarella and anchovies
Tonnato Vitello - veal slices with tuna sauce

Main courses

Veal rolls in champignon sauce 
Roasted chicken breast with lemon
Red mullet in herbal butter and capers

Tagliarini with pesto, tomatoes and rocket


Amaretto panna cotta with chocolate sauce
Panna cotta with chocolate sauce
Fruit salad


€ 34,50

St. Martin’s goose buffet

Celeries walnut salad


Fattened goose with cranberry sauce

Pork fillet in Glühwein jus

Potato dumplings, almond croquettes and baked apple

Red cabbage, caramelised chestnuts, Brussel sprout, carotts, salsifies

Orange cream with chocolate chips


Potato soup with bacon stripes and toasted bread


fried pork filet with pepper sauce, vegetables and fried potatoes


Salmon in cream sauce with tagliatelle and spinach


Chocolate mousse with raspberry pulp


€ 23,50


Tomato soup with basil


Sirloin with herb butter, duchess potatoes and green beans with bacon


Pork fillet with bacon and grapes, mashed potatoes and rocket salad


Creme Brúlée


€ 25,50

Kale (october - march)

beef broth


Kale with smoked pork, sausage, fried potatoes and mustard


plump compote with cinnamon parfait


€ 23,50

Game (october - march)

brussel sprout curry soup with roasted game


slices of braised game with red cabbage and schupf-noodles


nougat mousse with fruit compote


€ 24,50

asparagus (April - 21. June)

asparagus cream soup


asparagus with schnitzel, sauce hollondaise and potatos


bavarian cream with fresh strawberries


€ 25,50